Real Meetings

Let's do better business, one meeting at a time

We've developed four practical offers to help you do better business — one meeting a time: Digital Learning, Live Training, In-Meeting Mentoring and Keynote Presentations. These are based on the revolutionary ideas in Will There Be Donuts? and road tested in some of the world's leading organisations.

“David's ideas have revolutionised the way we meet, interact and speak to each other…”
Thomas Breuer, Head of Global Vaccine Development, GSK

Real Learning — the key to Real Meetings

Meetings don't get bad by accident. We learn how to do them wrong. To improve things we all have to re-learn how we work. We've developed a digital way to do this which is powerful, practical, scaleable, cost-effective and engaging

eLearning…but not as you know it.

Real Meetings is brought to you on the innovative tessello platform with the experiential Tin Can API built in. Forget traditional e-Learning, this new technology allows all your people to learn

  • at their own pace
  • informally
  • continuously
  • as a community
  • with on-going stimulus from the pros

The platform comes packed with expert guidance and insight that's regular updated by meeting guru, David Pearl. But there's plenty of space for colleagues to coach each other, share ideas they have found elsewhere, upload pictures and audio at the click of a button.

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Train Your Meeting Makers

Yes, it's important to know what to do to improve meetings. But just knowing isn't enough. Real change has to be actively led by the people in your organisation who organise, design and run meetings — the Meeting Makers. Shifting a meeting culture is rarely easy. So we have designed a live, experiential training specifically for these key people.

Our “Meeting Makers” live training will help you:

  • Free your diary of unwanted meetings
  • Design meetings much more effectively
  • Build your skill as a meeting leader
  • Ensure the right people attend and stay present
  • Handle the difficult conversation and the poor discipline
  • Share out the work so it's done smarter
  • Encourage your colleagues to change those old meeting habits
  • Guide your whole organisation to work better as a result

And it works…

Participants say this training makes their meetings

  • More purposeful (97%)
  • More relevant (82%)
  • Better designed (94%)

Let's Get Virtual…

And for organisations that spend a lot of time in those exasperating tele- or video conferences, we've invented a special virtual training that:

  • is conducted online by our engaging and expert trainers – so it's perfect for remote working teams anywhere in the world
  • includes a live challenge with personal feedback so each group can see exactly how well they are doing and what they need to improve further.

In this highly engaging training you will learn how to:

  • make the very best of the technology – even when it misbehaves
  • lead meetings more powerfully
  • manage difficult conversations better
  • create real rapport at a distance
  • really get your point across – whatever the language and time zone

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David works with a group of Meeting Makers

Meeting Mentors

When clients want to ensure a really high-stakes meeting goes well – or when they have a problem meeting that's proving difficult to fix – we can send in one of our team of Meeting Mentors.

Meeting Mentors can

  • help you with meeting design
  • identify and fix underlying problems
  • rehearse people in their roles
  • guide the meeting through difficulties

Sometimes we'll act as silent observers and give confidential, personalised feedback to participants at the close of the meeting. This is particularly appreciated by senior teams, leadership groups and Boards.

The mentoring has brought a unique insight and perspective into our meetings. It generates a real sense of energy and creativity. At the same time there's a very strong business empathy and awareness and always adds value, whatever the context.
Andrew Lynch, CEO SSP

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Meeting Masterclass

David Pearl, author of Will There Be Donuts? is an inspiring, highly engaging speaker who travels internationally talking to businesses about how they can be working smarter and more creatively.

His Meeting Masterclass is an ideal keynote for conferences and business summits. It's engaging, funny and puts across the vital information in a way that audiences will remember it in meetings months later.

“In my 16 years at the company I have not experienced anything as inspirational as the talk you gave.”
Director, J Sainsbury

“Inspiring. Fanstastic Speaker. Energy + attention levels all around the team at a huge high. One of the most inspiring and useful sessions I've ever attended”
Commercial Board Member, Financial Times

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Will There Be Donuts?

The Times Top 10 Summer Reads 2013

Will there be donuts?

“If the most interesting thing about your meeting is the donuts — this book is for you”

Today, the very word 'meeting' conjures up images of time wasted in badly lit, airless offices. Of sitting around tables, unsure why you are there and wishing you were somewhere else. Hour after hour. Day after day.

Will There Be Donuts? is about a big mistake that almost all companies are going to make this year. And the next. And the one after that. We call it nearly meeting. It happens all over the business world, from boardroom to shop floor.

In this enjoyable and valuable book, David he draws on 2 decades of consulting with some of the biggest companies in the world to re-educate the reader on how to hold meetings and, crucially, how to make them great.

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Will There Be Donuts? – Trailer

"That very rare beast — a highly readable book about business life that offers road tested advice, entertaining anecdotes and some good gags. It will definitely improve you meetings."
David Wighton, The Times

Special Edition

We can produce Special Editions of the book for clients that want copies with their own branding and cover. If this appeals to you please contact us to discuss the practicalities and pricing.